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For many of us suffering from the war, the classic birthday wish no longer seems appropriate. Ukrainians rather than wishing for a happy birthday, or a happy anniversary, wish for peace on our land, so we can feel safe and secure, and now your celebration can help bring this day closer.

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KOLO was created by IT industry experts. For us, efficiency is not just words, but processes, metrics and data. We focus on hot spots and every hryvnia transferred to us is as effective as possible.

100% goes to the Ukrainian army

Currently, KOLO employs about 100 people. Most of them are from the IT industry and have stable incomes. That's why everyone at the foundation works for free, sending 100% of the money you donate to the military. % of the money you donate to the Army.

We celebrate together

All the founders and their friends are already celebrating their birthdays together with Happy KOLO. And yes, all funds collected from the celebrations go to help the Ukrainian army.


We publish reports on our website, as well as in social networks. If you decide to join, you will get access to a private group in Telegram, where we discuss the news of the fund on a daily basis and report about how exactly your money was spent.


Sometimes you can do a good deed just like that, even without a reason. We are always happy for any kind of help, because your donations are not only funds to help the Army, but also actions that show your support.

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We work exclusively with official requests from military units, which will fill out the relevant documents and register the received devices.

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