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My birthdays is in a week. Nearly every month Kyiv is under attack, and only thanks to our defenders and global support can I celebrate another year. If you feel like investing in another safe year for me, here you can make a donation for our defenders and write some greetings. Thank you for your support!
P.S. UAH 1,000 is approx. EUR 25


Celebrating Andrii's birthday and gift to defenders


Raised for the Ukrainian army

24,000 ₴

I will double the raised sum!

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Happy KOLO

Don’t miss a single greeting as you follow how your celebration is helping Ukraine get closer to victory.


Vasyl K 🍩   Top Donation

Kill them all!

4,000 ₴


Бажаю щоб світло було в наших серцях 🇺🇦

1,000 ₴


Dear Andrii, many happy returns of the day. I do hope so much that this war ends as soon as possible. And all the other wars as well.

1,000 ₴

Orgeret Raphaelle

Let's hope this nightmare will end!

1,000 ₴

Helen Riise :-)

Happy belated birthday

1,500 ₴


Многая літа, Андрію!

1,500 ₴


З днем народження! 🥳

500 ₴


Happy birthday, Andrii! Stay safe, and may God bless Ukraine!

2,000 ₴

Sasha ta Anya


2,000 ₴


Happy Birthday Andrii! May you have a safe year ahead! Slava Ukrayini

2,000 ₴


З днем народження! Нехай здійснюються мрії🤗

2,000 ₴

Julia Bilkevych

З нагоди дня народження бажаю міцного здоров'я та перемоги!

500 ₴


Дякую за твою щирість і щедрість, як до свого кола друзів, так і до України загалом. Рада бути з тобою в одному колі 💛💙

1,000 ₴


До перемоги!

2,000 ₴

Kateryna Reiby

Слава Україні!

2,000 ₴

Happy KOLO

Celebrate by helping Ukraine

For many of us suffering from the war, the classic birthday wish no longer seems appropriate. Ukrainians rather than wishing for a happy birthday, or a happy anniversary, wish for peace on our land, so we can feel safe and secure, and now your celebration can help bring this day closer.

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