Friends, on my 34th birthday I want to ask you to help Ukraine defend itself against brutal and unjust russian invasion. My country deserves to live in peace in its internationally recognized borders and be a part of a civilized world, and I hope this happens as soon as possible.

Your donations will go towards buying things like pickup trucks, surveillance drones, and other supplies for Ukrainian Army. I will happily double your donations (everything donated until the end of the day)! 🤗

Dmytro Patkovskyi

Celebrating Dima v34


Raised for the Ukrainian army

23,000 ₴

I will double the raised sum!

46,000 ₴

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Happy KOLO

Don’t miss a single greeting as you follow how your celebration is helping Ukraine get closer to victory.


Dmytro Patkovskyi 🍩   Top Donation

Doubling it! x2

10,700 ₴

Dmytro Patkovskyi


800 ₴


Вітаю зі святом!

500 ₴



300 ₴


З днем народження, Васіліч!

1,000 ₴



1,000 ₴



2,000 ₴


Від однокурсника з днем народження!

3,000 ₴


З днем народження! Миру всередені та зовні

1,000 ₴

Той самий

Вітаю, Дмитро! Гарного тобі нового року життя! :)

700 ₴


До зустрічі в Берліні!

2,000 ₴

Happy KOLO

Celebrate by helping Ukraine

For many of us suffering from the war, the classic birthday wish no longer seems appropriate. Ukrainians rather than wishing for a happy birthday, or a happy anniversary, wish for peace on our land, so we can feel safe and secure, and now your celebration can help bring this day closer.

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